Professor Dr. Imran Khan MBBS MBchB MRCPsych MD a world-renowned consultant forensic psychiatrist and founder of the Imran Khan Psychiatric Hospital and Clinic, has a long and impressive history of helping people from all walks of life overcome mental health challenges. With over 30 years of experience as a psychiatrist, Dr. Khan is known for his compassionate and evidence-based approach to treating a wide range of mental health conditions.

Over the years, Dr. Khan and his team of mental health professionals have helped countless people from all walks of life, including celebrities, business people, low-income individuals, and more.


Mental health issues can affect anyone, including celebrities who are often in the public eye. Dr. Khan has helped many celebrities overcome depression, anxiety, addiction, and other mental health conditions. Because of his reputation for providing discreet and compassionate care, he has become a trusted partner to many high-profile clients who trust him with their mental health needs.

Business People

The pressures of running a business or working in a high-stress job can take a toll on a person’s mental health. Dr. Khan has helped many business people manage their stress and anxiety, allowing them to perform at their best and reach their full potential. Through his work with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and other business leaders, Dr. Khan has become a respected voice in the field of mental health in the workplace.

Low-Income Individuals

At the Imran Khan Psychiatric Hospital and Clinic, Dr. Khan and his team are committed to providing high-quality mental health care to everyone, regardless of income level. They offer sliding-scale fees and other affordable options to ensure that everyone who needs help can get it. Dr. Khan believes that everyone deserves access to high-quality mental health care, regardless of their financial situation, and is dedicated to making that a reality.

All Walks of Life

Dr. Khan and his team have helped people from all walks of life overcome mental health challenges. Whether it’s depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or another condition, Dr. Khan has the expertise and knowledge to provide the best possible care. He is committed to treating each patient as an individual, taking the time to understand their unique needs, and developing a personalized treatment plan that works for them.

The Impact of Dr. Khan's Work

Over the years, the impact of Dr. Khan’s work has been significant. He has helped countless people overcome mental health challenges and live happier, healthier lives. Through his research and advocacy work, he has also helped to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and increase awareness of the importance of seeking help when it’s needed.

As the founder of the Imran Khan Psychiatric Hospital and Clinic, Dr. Khan has created a space where people can receive compassionate care from some of the world’s leading experts in mental health. His commitment to providing affordable, evidence-based care to everyone who needs it has made a significant difference in the lives of many.

In conclusion, Professor Dr. Imran Khan’s contributions to the field of psychiatry have been immeasurable. Through his work at the Imran Khan Psychiatric Hospital and Clinic, he has helped people from all walks of life overcome mental health challenges and live happier, healthier lives. His commitment to compassionate, evidence-based care has made him a trusted partner to many high-profile clients, as well as a respected voice in the field of mental health.

Psychiatry is a complicated and nuanced field of medicine. Treating mental health requires patience, skill, and understanding. One psychiatrist, in particular, stands out in this field – Professor Dr. Imran Khan.

Dr. Khan is an exceptional psychiatrist who has been practicing for over 30 years. Through his extensive experience, he has treated thousands of patients with various mental health issues. He has helped countless individuals achieve better mental health and improved their quality of life. His exceptional quality of patient care and admirable leadership skills has made him an esteemed member of the medical community.

One important factor that sets IK psychiatry hospital apart from others, is our high level of empathy towards their patients. The hospital is incredibly considerate and actively listens to what their patients have to say, which is very important in the field of psychiatry. By doing so, they gains a better understanding of what the patients may be undergoing and makes it easier for them to open up. The atmosphere is friendly and approachable and creates a comfortable patient-doctor relationship. This unique quality is what makes our patients feel safe at their weakest moments.

IK psychiatrist hospital is always up-to-date with the latest research, developments, and technologies in the field, which makes us an expert in psychiatry. We stay current on the plethora of treatment methods available and have a wealth of knowledge on various conditions. We are very particular and customized the treatment for each of our patients to help them regain their mental health. Our diagnostic and evaluative skills are exceptional, which allows us to provide the best psychiatric treatment available.

Another crucial aspect that makes our hospital an excellent place is the way we value our patients. The professionals are always advocating for their best interests when it comes to matters of their mental health. The team extends their help beyond the consultation room. The staff takes the time to follow up with our patients and adjusts their treatment plans as needed. The Doctors have demonstrated exceptional patient care by treating each case with the utmost care and attention. The patients are provided with comprehensive and personalized care plans that are based on their particular needs.

IK Psychiatrist Hospital passion for mental health is evident in our daily life. The warm personality and professional attitude emphasize our dedication to the field of psychiatry. Professor consultant psychiatrist Dr. Khan teaches and supervises residents and fellows in the field, sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. He participates in conferences and seminars as a speaker, an organizer, and a learner. Dr. Khan is also an accomplished researcher who has published influential articles and books that aid in the advancement of research in psychiatry.

Dr. Khan has also made a positive impact on the community. He is active in various social activities that promote mental health. He conducts public seminars, workshops, and awareness programs to spread the word about mental health issues. He spearheaded the formation of several groups and organizations aimed at supporting patients with mental illnesses.

In addition to all of his achievements and qualities, Dr. Khan remains humble and down-to-earth. His approachable personality and compassionate demeanor make him easily approachable. He doesn’t hesitate to share his knowledge and experiences with others and is always keen to learn from his colleagues. Dr. Khan also extends his support to his colleagues, guiding them through the tough situations that arise in practice.

In conclusion, Dr. Imran Khan is an exceptional psychiatrist, dedicated towards the betterment of psychiatric care. He has over 30 years of experience in treating patients and has touched countless lives through his expert knowledge, kind nature, and respectful approach. In every aspect of his life, Dr. Khan has proven himself to be a valuable and respected member of the psychiatry field. Patients and colleagues alike hold him in the highest regard because he is an excellent doctor who truly values his patients and work.
Professor Dr. Imran Khan is a highly regarded consultant psychiatrist who specializes in all aspects of mental health. He has treated countless patients over the years, providing them with exceptional care and support. Dr. Khan is a respected member of the medical community and is recognized for his expertise and dedication in the field of mental health.

Dr. Khan’s extensive experience has enabled him to treat all types of mental health conditions, from anxiety and depression to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. He works with patients of all ages and backgrounds and is known for his compassionate approach and ability to build strong relationships with his patients.

At the hospital and clinic where Dr. Khan practices, he has a team of expert professionals who assist him in providing the highest quality of care to patients. The staff members work together seamlessly to ensure each patient receives individualized care, tailored to their specific needs. The teamwork and collaboration at the hospital and clinic is what allows Dr. Khan and his team to provide the best possible outcomes for their patients.

One of the main areas that Dr. Khan specializes in is the treatment of autism and paranoid schizophrenia. These are two of the most common mental health conditions that people experience, and they can be very debilitating if left untreated. Dr. Khan takes a holistic approach to treat these conditions, which includes talking therapy, medication, and behavioral interventions. He works closely with each patient to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses their unique symptoms and situation.

Another area that Dr. Khan specializes in is the treatment of PTSD and other psychotic disorders. These conditions can be extremely challenging to manage, and they often require a combination of medication, behavioural interventions, and ongoing support. Dr. Khan has extensive experience in treating these conditions and is highly regarded for his expertise in this area.

Dr. Khan also has a strong interest in the treatment of bipolar disorder. This is a condition that involves extreme mood swings, ranging from periods of mania to periods of depression. Dr. Khan is skilled at identifying the symptoms of bipolar disorder and developing a treatment plan that meets the patient’s specific needs. He understands the challenges that patients with bipolar disorder face and is committed to helping them manage their condition effectively.

One of the things that sets Dr. Khan apart from other psychiatrists is his compassionate approach to patient care. He understands that seeking treatment for mental health issues can be overwhelming, and he is committed to helping patients feel comfortable and supported throughout their treatment journey. He takes the time to listen to his patients’ concerns and works collaboratively with them to develop a treatment plan that aligns with their goals and preferences.

Dr. Khan is also known for his expertise in working with patients who have experienced trauma. Trauma can cause significant mental health issues, and it requires specialized care and attention. Dr. Khan has many years of experience helping patients work through their trauma and develop coping strategies that allow them to move forward and thrive.

In addition to his work in patient care, Dr. Khan is also actively involved in research and education. He has published numerous articles in prestigious medical journals and is frequently invited to speak at conferences and events on mental health topics. Dr. Khan is also committed to teaching and training the next generation of psychiatrists and is involved in the education of medical students and trainees.

In summary, Professor Dr. Imran Khan is a highly respected consultant psychiatrist who specializes in all aspects of mental health. He has many years of experience working with patients of all ages and backgrounds and is known for his compassionate and holistic approach to treatment. Dr. Khan is passionate about his work and is dedicated to improving the lives of his patients through innovative and evidence-based approaches to care. His contributions to the field of psychiatry have made him a highly valued and respected member of the medical community.

This somber announcement, we also convey the news of the passing of Dr. Khan

After three decades of dedicated service to patients across all provinces of Pakistan, our hospital will be closing its doors on the 1st of April 2024. Throughout these 30 years, we have operated clinics in every province, providing essential healthcare services to communities far and wide. It is with both a sense of accomplishment and sadness that we bid farewell to this chapter of our journey.

In addition to this somber announcement, we also convey the news of the passing of Dr. Khan, the visionary founder of our hospital. Dr. Khan's unwavering commitment to serving his country and the people of Pakistan has left an indelible mark on the healthcare landscape. His dedication, expertise, and compassion have touched the lives of countless individuals, earning him a place of honor in the hearts of all who knew him.

We urge our patients to seek continued care and support from their local healthcare providers. Your health and well-being remain our top priority, and we want to ensure a seamless continuation of care for all those who have relied on our services over the years.

While the closing of our hospital marks the end of an era, we take pride in the impact we have made on the healthcare industry and the lives of our patients. We are grateful for the trust and loyalty shown to us throughout these 30 years and extend our deepest gratitude to all who have been part of our journey.

Thank you for being a part of our story, and please remember to prioritize your health and well-being by seeking care from your local healthcare provider.

In closing, we honor the memory of Dr. Khan and the lasting impact of our hospital's service to the people of Pakistan. May his legacy live on in the hearts of those he touched, and may our commitment to quality healthcare endure through the dedication of healthcare providers across the nation.

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